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CPC Academy with WilmerHale - 2016 Fall semester (9/29-10/27)

Location: 950 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304
Time: 7:00PM-8:30PM

CPC Academy with WilmerHale - 2016 Fall semester (9/29-10/27)


Startup Legal Landmines Daniel Zimmermann 09/29/16
Founder Compensation and Founder Agreements Joe Wyatt 10/06/16
Exits for Startups Chris Rose 10/13/16
IP for Startups TBD 10/20/16
Fundraising Trends and Strategies Peter Buckland (investor speaker TBD) 10/27/16


Startup Legal Landmines: Early missteps can cost you BIG later, making it more challenging or even impossible to build a successful business. This class will give you the basic knowledge you will need to help avoid costly legal landmines. Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups, our legal experts from WilmerHale will cover topics like:Avoiding personal liability/Legal entity: choosing the best type for your business/Founders' equity/Employee compensation and options/Raising Capital: do's and don'ts/Independent contractors and interns.

Founder Compensation and Founder Agreements: Founders of technology-based and life sciences startups do not generally enter into "employment agreements" with their companies. Employment agreements typically provide the employee with rights to severance and other employment-related protections.This class will focus on key issues that are common to these agreements. Because of the large equity stake the founders have in the company and the importance of cash to a startup, investors will generally not agree to provide contractual severance rights to founders.

Exits for Startups: Discussion topics included a review of activity and trends in the IPO and M&A Markets; considerations for choosing the right type of exit between sale or M&A options such as M&A, sale or public offering; the process for these exit strategies; and secondary markets.

IP for Startups: This class will present on intellectual property fundamentals. Topics included an overview of intellectual property categories; tips for managing an IP portfolio; common misconceptions; and cost management considerations.

Fundraising Trends and Strategies:This class will teach fundamental best practices and principles of effective and strategic fundraising for startups. The focus is on the process of successful solicitation from private sources of funds, particularly foundations and corporations, and is appropriate for professionals tasked with revenue development and creative partnerships.

Location: 950 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Time: 7:00PM-8:30PM

History Events

US-China Investment Summit

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center 5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Time: Aug 24, 2016 -Aug 25, 2016

The opportunities for bilateral cooperation between China and the United States rapidly grow, along with the advancement of globalization in both nations. The increasing scale of China economy and openness of the domestic market leave highly positive investment outlook to multinational organizations including those ones originated in the United States. The United States possesses these specialties as the origin of capital market. It is, therefore, significant to bridge the investors on this platform to reach agreements and common benefits for information exchange among outstanding business leaders.

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